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Beyond Reality Magic Set

  • Includes Instructional DVD Video!
  • Over 100 Page Book Included!
  • Great Magic Props!
  • Suitable for Age 8 to Adult!

Beyond Reality Magic Set*

Your family and friends won't believe their eyes when you show off your enchanting skills with this Beyond Reality Magic Set! This amazing set is jam-packed with everything you need to perform over 150 mystifying tricks, including a special deck of cards, metal rings, a fake cookie, a build-your-own arm-extender prop and so much more. In addition to the illustrated booklet, an instructional DVD is also included as an added bonus! Endorsed by The International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world's largest magic organization!

 Beyond Reality Magic Set Features:

  • Includes magic set with loads of pieces and accessories

  • Mystify any audience with these awesomely easy magic tricks

138 page Illustrated instruction booklet, in English, Spanish, and French, features steps and tips for performing over 150 tricks, including The Amazing Arm Stretcherama, The Incredible Money Paddle, The Secret Levitation Device, The Amazing Egg Bag, Lucky Matches, The Magic Cookie and much more!

Trick Routines With Props Included are:

  • Arm Stretcher
  • Bite Out Cookie
  • Psychic Deck of Cards
  • Toast Prediction
  • Egg Bag Mystery
  • Houdini's Handcuffs
  • Secret LevitationGimmick
  • Coin Paddle
  • Magic Scarves
  • Infinity Machine
  • 4 Multiplying Balls
  • Money Machine
  • Production Tubes

Tricks Included in the Book use objects found around most homes or are easily obtained locally. A few of the tricks & routines possible from the book are:

  • How to Force a Playing Card and magically Reveal it to Your Audience!
  • Making an item float or move magically!
  •  The French Drop Ball Vanish. classic sleight of hand technique every magician should know how to do!
  • Some Great Baffling Card Tricks with the included deck of cards
  • Some of the professional moves taught using the deck of cards are, The Fan Reverse, Hindu Shuffle, Spread Reverse, and much more!
  • Mind Reading effects with cards and numbers!
  • Make Objects & Scarfs Magically Appear with the Production Tubes!
  • The book includes other tricks with your thumb, toothpicks, salt, paper money, paper clips, coins, etc.

Even An Adult Would Enjoy Learning from this Magic Kit!

The included Bonus Instructional DVD provides additional information and tricks.

Note: Some tricks may require the use of household items (not included).

Safety Warning: Small parts are included. Not suitable for children under 4 years of age.

VERY Few of these kits are left, as they were originally manufactured especially for Toys R Us, which has ceased operations as of July 2018.

Additional Details: Beyond Reality Magic Set was manufactured by Fantasma Magic.

Suitable for ages: 8 years and up.

Box Size (in inches): 3.20 by 23.20 by 11.11

*Please Note: Our shopping cart will automatically add extra handling fees to this item for insurance and the extra-large box required to safely ship this big set to you.

*Please note this item does not qualify for free shipping due to its large box size.

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