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Sponge Balls 2 inch Super Soft Red by Goshman

  • Sponge Balls!
  • Size: 2 Inch
  • Super Soft Style!
  • Color: Red

Magic By Gosh


Super Soft Sponge Balls

2-inch size - Red Color - Super Soft

Magic by Gosh makes the very best Sponge products for magicians. This set included 4 - Super Soft Sponge Balls in the 2-inch size along with basic instructions for a beginners routine.

Basic Effect: Four balls multiply from one to four right in the spectator's hand. 

Sponge balls can be made to magically appear, disappear, and multiply in the spectator's hand. A very simple, though very effective sleight of hand principle is taught in the illustrated instructions included with the sponge balls. This is a wonderful effect. The audience is truly amazed as the magic takes place in their own hands

We can also provide these super soft sponges in other colors just ask about stock availability.

The Best Sponge Magic In The World!

Skill Level: Beginner, this size ball suitable for ages 13 to adult.

Made In The U.S.A.

Media Type Shipped Product

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