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Sponge Balls - 2inch-Regular-Red


Sponge Balls

4 Pieces of 2 inches, Red Colored Regular Sponge Balls 

Magic by Gosh

This is the most baffling and the easiest routine ever devised for sponge ball manipulations. Balls VANISH from the performer's hands and APPEAR in a spectator's hand, the performer's hands being shown empty. Balls not only vanish and appear but they multiply. In fact, it's almost a whole act in itself and great for close up. Complete with instructions. Machine-made sponge balls made perfectly round and of a uniform size.

Set of 4, 2-inch size, Red Regular Foam.

No Instructions are included in this set.

Please Note: These are sold "Bulk" packaged in a polybag, they are Not boxed as pictured.

Media Type Shipped Product

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