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Color Changing Ball To Square.Ultrasoft.Goshman

Only 2 left!
  • These Have Now Become A Magic Collector's Item!
  • These Are No Longer produced By Goshman!
  • Color Change Sponge Ball To Sponge Square!
  • Made of UltraSoft Sponge!
  • Made In The U.S.A.

 Ultrasoft Color Changing Ball To Square

Manufactured by Magic by Gosh

Basic Effect: Red sponge ball is placed in your hand, it turns into a black ball, but wait now the black ball turns into a Giant red square WOW! Quick easy Magic!

A More Advanced Routine: 

You magically produce a sponge ball from an empty coin purse frame that has no bag attached (purse frame not included with the sponge props). You place this red sponge ball in your hand and make it mysteriously vanish and re-appear in your pocket. You attempt to perform this same vanish again... but, your audience is a little vocal, (you're leading them down the garden path to be very amazed),  they believe they know how the trick is done... Oh, you may be caught....

They point out that the ball is concealed in one of your hands. You (acting) puzzled and open the guilty hand. The ball is seen to have changed into a large sponge red square. You open your other hand to reveal a Black ball. Impossible! The spectators always think they are on to you, but they're wrong because there is no red ball... it's now back in your pocket.  

Take a bow!! You have just performed an impossible feat! This is a clever, quick routine that's easy to learn, Amazing to watch for your audience and easy to take with you anywhere!

‚ÄčPlease note: These are original Goshman Magic sponge product. Steve Goshman has retired and no longer manufacturing sponge products, thus these have become Highly Collectible and as such the price will continue to rise as supplies drop around the country. If a Good quality replacement becomes available we will do our best to stock them at a more reasonable price.

Skill Level: Beginner, suitable for ages 8 years to adult!

Media Type Shipped Product

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