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Purse Frame

  • A Fun Comedy Gag!
  • Used By many Pros in their Close-up Acts!

Purse Frame

If you do sponge ball magic, coin magic or close-up magic, in general, you should have one of these little frames originally introduced to us by Albert Goshman. Produce anything from "inside," including coins, sponge balls, silks, etc. No instructions included. 

This is the type of purse frame, without a bag, made popular in the world of magic by famous close-up performers such as Albert Goshman, Johnny Paul, Eugene Burger, Jim Ryan, Fred Kaps, and Slydini.

The purse frame is used by clowns, magicians and coin workers alike. There is only a frame, and no actual purse, so when something is produced from the frame, it is very mind boggling to your spectators.  Some coin workers begin their routines by producing coins from just this purse frame. Other performers produce sponge balls or bunnies, etc. Most anything hidden in the hand can be pulled from the frame.

They are made of gleaming brass and easily carried in the pocket.

Extra Details: Metal, gold in color, Size is approximately 2 1/2" across closed.

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