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Tricks 'N' Treats Halloween Magic by Bundy

Tricks 'N' Treats The Book of Halloween Magic

By John Bundy

 This book will help you make the most of the marketing phenomena that is not only Halloween, but the entire Halloween season. *Over 200 pages *Color section *Profusely illustrated!

This book is a "Must Have" for the family magical entertainer who performs during the Halloween or Holiday seasons as the ideas and inforamtion pretain to both. There is a lot here to give your imagination a kickstart in devolping your own show or just adding the one you have. Many thoughts, suggestions, routines, ideas, and secrets to help you create "Fun spooky"  maghic using many of the props you may already have in your magic closet.

This book is full or great practical trick routines and illusions for the stage performer. There are original and revamped commercial tricks & illusions designed for spooky type magic.The book also includes ideas for magic tables and backdrops for your show design.
Halloween is one of the busiest times of year for magicians. On Halloween there is magic in the air. For a magician, this is a good thing. It may be the only time of the year when magic is at the top of the list for live entertainment.  Why? Because Halloween is the 2nd largest marketing event of the year.  There is a natural connection with magic, magicians and the supernatural. If you perform stage magic, chances are good that you will be performing prior to or on Halloween.  The question is what will you be performing?
  • Stage Magic: Featuring 16 different effects, with all with with a Halloween themed name, like Necrobatic Silks, Notions and Potions, Witches Brew, The Apparition and many more.
  • Illusions: Featuring 18 illusions!  Also with Halloween names such as Grave Illusion, Spirit Cabinet, Creature Features, She’s Alive, Bats in the Belfry and many more.
  • Intimate Magic – this is a section devoted to giving you some guidance and suggestion in this field.
  • Accessories: This part of the book details the essentials such as Tables, Set and Scenery, and Dressing up the Props!
  • The final section of the book is titled: More, which goes into the business of Halloween, Acknowledgments, Resources, Post Mortem and Color Section.
John Bundy is known worldwide as an authority on creating theme shows for Halloween. In 2003, MAGIC, the independent magazine for the magic industry hailed him as "Halloween Magic's greatest innovator", later in 2005, they devoted the cover of their October issue to John and his numerous Halloween productions.

Details: Tricks 'N' Treats The Book of Halloween Magic

By John Bundy

Forward by Paul Osborne

210 pages, soft covers, perfect binding, size 8 1/2" by 11".

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