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Spooky Crystal

  • Spectator chooses a card, image of card appears on glass
  • Easy To Do! Great Prediction Effect!
  • Complete with Deck of Cards, Glass Disc and More!


This specially treated glass disc will reveal the name of a selected card when exposed to the moisture of a spectator’s palm, or when a small piece of flash-paper is ignited on the disc. All you have to do is force the proper card and then enjoy the spectators’ reaction as the ghostly image of the chosen card appears in the crystal. Each disc is treated on both sides so it can be used to reveal one card at one time and the other if used before the same people on another occasion. Use the disc over and over.


We Supply Everything You Need to Perform this Spooky Effect!


  • The Glass Crystal 
  • A Genuine Vinyl Carry Pouch
  • A Regulation Bicycle Deck of Playing Cards
  • The Booklet “Forcing A Card” that will teach you 8 Easy methods to force a card. 
Media Type Shipped Product

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