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Terrific Triple Silk Routine - 24 inch size silks

  • A Knot tied in silk scarf turns into Two then three!
  • Great Opening Effect or Lead in to other routine!
  • Easy To Perform
  • Skill Level: Basic

Terrific Triple with 24 inch Silks

Here is an effect which is sure to be popular with magicians. A visual production of scarves which is as easy to set up and perform as it is pretty!

The performer displays a scarf and ties a knot in it-THE KNOT DISSOLVES AND THE SCARF VISIBLY SPLITS INTO TWO SCARVES!! The two are then tied together, tossed into the air and they come down with a third scarf knotted between them. The three scarves make ideal cover for further productions of silks or doves. Easy to do and no hidden gimmicks are required. Complete with scarves.


Please specific your desired color of silks. Please list your 1st and 2nd choices in the comment box at check out.

Select from;  Red, Blue, Green and Yellow in 24 inch size


Tags Magic Silk Trick, Rice Silks, Silk Magic, Terrific Triple Silk Trick
Media Type Shipped Product

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