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Disc-O by Jerry Mentzer

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  • A Fun & Usual Presentation!
  • Similar to a Coins Across Routine BUT More Visual!


By Jerry Mentzer

In this remarkable close-up illusion, the performer shows three red discs and three white like the ones pictured. The red discs are placed in one of the performer's hands and the white discs in the other hand. One at a time the red and white discs seem to change places until at the end of the routine three red discs are again in one hand and the white in the other hand. 

DISC-O is easy to do, colorful, visual for video performances, and you'll love the subtleties employed.

Use Something Different Than Just Coins - Try DISC-O!

This routine is reprinted from the pages of Jerry Mentzer's book Close-up Cavalcade and comes complete with the plastic discs and full illustrated instructions.

Skill Level: intermediate beginner. Suitable for ages 16 to adult.

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