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Double Knot Silk Routine - 18 inch silks

  • Illustrated instructions and Silks Included

Double Knots

Colorful magic that will fit any act!! A solid color scarf is shown and a knot is tied in its center. As the performer blows upon the knot, the knot visibly dissolves and the scarf splits into two scarves!! Easy to do and adaptable to nearly any magic act. The effect can be used in many ways. For example, you can use the scarves to cover the production of additional scarves, glasses of liquid, or the appearance of doves! This novel and appealing effect is limited only by your imagination. Supplied complete with scarves and instructions.

We offer Two sizes 18 inch size silks and 24 inch size. Be sure to check which size you're ordering.

Please specific your first and second choice of colors desired in the comments box

We offer colors of; Red, Blue, Green and Yellow



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