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The Malini Egg Bag Routine By Charlie Miller

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The Malini Egg Bag Booklet

as performed by Charlie Miller

This instructional booklet of 19-pages contains the complete description and script for the Charlie Miller, " Malini Egg Bag Routine". It is the complete handling and presentation of this terrific effect exactly as performed by Charlie throughout his career. It describes in detail, Miller's handling of the bag, it's construction, and presentation that make up the routine.   Learn Charlie's routine or use it as a starting point to create your own.  The final chapter teaches,  "How to Blow an Egg". This is the method with a single hole in the eggshell as well as how to seal it and make it look soooo natural.

Whether you are a student of classic magic, Charlie Miller, Malini or good stand-up in general, you will learn something from studying Charlie Miller's handling of the Malini Egg Bag!

DetailsThe Malini Egg Bag Booklet

19 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched with 12 illustrations

Skill Level: Intermediate

Media Type Shipped Product

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