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Karl Fulves Self-Working Card Tricks

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Karl Fulves Self-Working Card Tricks

72 Foolproof Card Miracles for the amateur magician!

What is a self-working card trick? A trick that does not depend upon legerdemain or special abilities on the part of the magician, but a trick that works automatically because of the mathematics inherent in the card deck itself. Long practice and supernormal dexterity are not needed to perform these tricks, yet they are often among the most entertaining and most spectacular of all card tricks.
Some of these sure-fire tricks are simple, a good place to begin. Others were specially adapted from professional routines and are here presented for the first time for amateurs. Almost all of these tricks can be worked informally, with a borrowed deck of cards. Some also adapt to stage presentation.
Individual tricks in this book have sold for more than the price of the entire book. Amateurs can use them to get a start in magic and to feel, at once, the rewards of giving a professional performance. Advanced and professional magicians will find tricks to add to their acts or informal
routines. Author Karl Fulves is one of the best-known writers and editors in the field of magic.

Details: Karl Fulves Self-Working Card Tricks

113 pages, soft covers, perfect binding, size 5 1/2". by 8 1/2".

42 Illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 10 to adult.

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