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Hank Moorehouse's Disgusting Coin Box

  • Quarters travel from cap to the performers hand!
  • The presentation is what makes this memorable piece of magic!

Disgusting Coin Box Routine

By Hank Moorehouse

Those that knew him, realized what a professional entertainer Hank Moorehouse was. This is a wonderful routine that Hank used frequently for walk around close-up performing. The plot is very simple several quarters travel from a small plastic cap to the performers's other hand, but the presentation turns the simple effect into a memorable piece of magic.

To begin with, Hank "sells" the idea that the coin box is a plastic cap for re-sealing carbonated beverage bottles. The cap does look a lot like one of those caps, and maybe convincing the spectators of this, is what takes all the "heat" off the coin box. Then later in the routine,, when the coins are about to travel from hand to hand, Hank gives the spectators the choice of whether he should cause the coins to travel in  a tasteful manner, or in a very disgusting manner. The effect concludes with the coins travel;ling in a disgusting manner to the other hand and a good laugh! With detailed written p[resentation. Supply your own quarters.

Skill Level: Medium

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

Tags Disgusting Coin Box Routine
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