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The Baby Bag Book By Algonquin McDuff

  • It’s A TRICK – It’s A BOOK – It’s A GAG,- It’s a TrickBookGag!
  • Use with the Pearl Poodle as a Bag for the spectator to carry the Poodle home
  • Customized Templates - add your name & website or phone # with a rubber stamp
  • Handy Spiral Binding – 74 pages

The Baby Bag Book By Algonquin McDuff

It’s A TRICK – It’s A BOOK – It’s A GAG,- It’s a TrickBookGag!

The BABY BAG is a book which describes a charismatic new close-up prop which is full of comic possibilities. Imagine a small (2.75 inches x 1.25 inches) brown paper bag which is a miniature version of the ubiquitous grocery bag. The book has templates and construction instructions which will allow you to easily construct your own Baby Bags. Everyone who sees one of these tiny bags immediately wants to know where they came from and where they can get one!
You are going to be amazed when you see all of the jokes, lines, gags and tricks that you can do with this hilarious new close-up magic prop!

Complete with Template & Construction details to make your very own “Baby Bag” Gag to add to your performances.

Contents Include:

Introduction   by Al Cohen
History: Bobby Rockman 
Construction Details
Bag Gags: some quick one-liners for introducing the bag

Tricks (McDuff)

  • Instant Carna: 2nd spectator determines card selection of the first spectator
  •  ESP Phoenix: Chosen symbol appears on arm when rubbing ashes on it
  • The Camera Bag: a small camera bag develops the card selection
  • Producing a Pencil: from the tiny bag
  • The Baby Bag Vanishing Zone: using a TT
  • The Money Bag: another version of the bag with ideas
  • For Magician's Only: gag
  •  Coin Tray Bag: coins multiply in spectator's hand
  •  Slit Bag: modified bag
  • Splitting a Bag: producing two bags from one
  • Flash Bag: using flash paper
  • The Shopping Bag: comedy production
  • McDuff's Finger Scam: gag
  • Zip Lock Bag: gag
  •  Inside Formation: Prediction revelation
  • B.B. Tip: idea
  • Seabrook Wallet Redone: retrieve a vanished quarter from a sealed baby bag

Martin Gardner's Baby Bag Ideas

  •  Jumping Bag: bag jumps from finger to finger
  • Poltergeist Bag: bag moves mysteriously
  • Monte Bags: Magician knows in which bag is a quarter
  • Two Cents Still: bag with a coin moves away from others
  • Wandering Nickel: another moving bag
  • Rubber Ring: the trick with a rubber band, ring, and bag
  • A Quart Low: bag suspends on a knife blade
  • Houdini's Bag: bag removed from a string
  • Flying Coins: coins appear from empty bags
  • Super Bag: torn and restored
  • Pentagon Vision: dice prediction
  • Mini Color Vision: magician determines what color on top
  • Zero Sodium Chloride: vanishing salt shaker
  • Passe Passe Marbles: mixed up marbles match their bag color

 Frank Herman's Baby Bag Ideas: gags
Greg Eanes' Baby Bag Idea: silk from the baby bag and bag vanishes

Steve Beam's Baby Bag Ideas

  • Stabbing a Bag: bag becomes impaled on a finger
  • Lunch: gag
  • 46 Brunch: comedy card revelation
  • Bag It: a growing baby bag
  • The Suggestion Box: gag
  • Bagpipes: gag

Ed Eckle's Baby Bag Ideas

  • The Bottle of Coke: mini coin in bottle
  • The Sub: gag
  • Mini DC: shrinking battery

Jim Remenicky's Baby Bag Idea 

  • The Unknown Magician: comedy card revelation

Prof. Rem and Karl Norman's Ideas: gags and one trick

Charles Pecor's Baby Bag Idea

  • The Voodoo Hiccup Cure: a bizarre trick
  • Bonus Idea (McDuff): more gags

Dan Garrett's Baby Bag Ideas

  • Mexican Catsup: idea with Nielsen Catsup Bottle
  • Musically Inclined: gag
  •  Bananas Anyone?: banana production

Warren Stephens' Ideas: several ideas and gags

  • Al Cohen's Ideas: gags and one trick idea

Custom Templates

  • It's Not My Bag: gag
  • Camera Bag Template
  • Paper Bag Template
  • Hand Bag Template
  • Nose Bag Template
  • Old Bag Template
  •  IT Bag Template
  • Travel Bag Template

Details: The Baby Bag Book - By Algonquin McDuff

Soft cover, Handy Spiral Binding – 74 pages
Tricks and ideas by Martin Gardner, Dan Garrett, Frank Herman, Karl Norman, Al Cohen and 7 others too numerous to mention.
Customized Templates (6)
Tricks, Bits, Gags, Comedy Lines
Introduction by Pernell Zorch

Each copy Hand Bound
 Convenient Size (6.5″ x 5.5″)


Bonus Tip: If you want an extra cute addition to this great little Giveaway. Check out "The Famous Pearl Poodle" described elsewhere on this site. When our owner Eddy Wade, use to perform his magic in restaurants, at weddings and at other intimate social functions he would make these little "Pearl Poodles" instead of the traditional balloon animals, as the balloons pop, cause distractions and other magicians, in his market, were already making them. After making a Pearl Poodle, (as a little souvenir for the spectator for helping with the magic and to remember his performance) he would exclaim to the spectator "You Need a  Bag  to take that Poodle home in" at which point, he would bring out "The Baby Bag" (which in itself is a great little Giveaway) He would then say "It's A Doggy Bag" for your poodle, be sure to give him a nice home and don't eat him tomorrow"...there are many other lines and sight gags in the book you can use as you develop your own style using this great give away item.

What made the extra Little Bag so extra special was that Eddy had rubber-stamped his Phone number on the side of the bag, thus giving the spectator a way to locate him in the future, for possible private parties and events. A True Marketing Gem! Of course today, you could put your website, social media address, logo, sponsor's name or other info. on the little bag.

Buy the Book, make up some Baby Bags, Learn to make the "Pearl Poodle" and you'll have a cute routine that will get you remembered where ever you perform it.


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