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The Balloon Pitch by Tommy Windsor

  • Collectible Book!
  • Learn How To sell A Balloon Package from the Stage!
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The Balloon Pitch

by Tommy Windsor

This booklet gives details of a pitch which can be used either for entertainment only or to actually sell small packages of balloons to your audience as a take home souvenir allowing them to make their own balloon animal.

Eddy's Review: This booklet was published in 1978 and while dated in some aspects the actual pitch script would still work today if properly presented. The booklet includes info on packaging the ballon kit to sell and related info. The balloon sources I suspect are out of business but shouldn't be hard to find new ones. The instruction sheet that is included could be easily update for a modern audience. "The Weiner Dog" described uses four balloons to make. I believe this size balloon animal is rarely seen these days as most twisters use a number 260, so this is different and more importantly these balloons are easier for the average person to blow up without using a pump. I personally used this pitch and sold thousands of packages in the 1970s and would be happy to answer questions after you've read the booklet. If you ask in the comment box at checkout I'll send you a sample of my balloon kit Free just for purchasing the booklet.

DetailsThe Balloon Pitch by Tommy Windsor

12 pages, soft covers, saddle-stitched, size: 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

©1978 Robert Lee Jacobs

Skill Level: None

Media Type Shipped Product

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