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The Famous Pearl Poodle

  • A Magic Methods Exclusive Product
  • Not A Magic Trick, But A Great Give Away!
  • Easy To Learn! Quick & Cheap to Make, A Joy to Give!
  • A Great Item to Increase TIP$ for Performers, Bar Tenders, Wait Staff, Etc.

                                The Famous Pearl Poodle

The late Bob Knigge orginally created the Pearl Poodle which is a very cute item that is not a magic trick at all. Yet it is an outstanding intimate effect and a great “give away” item.  No matter if you perfom walk-around, close-up, trade show or restaurant magic this is a Great little Item to have handy.

The performer claims he has a pet poodle with him and that he’ll give it to a spectator. A short strand of beads is shown and dropped onto the spectators outstretched palm. After a bit of by-play, the performer changes the strand of beads into a tiny poodle! It’s “balloon animals” on a micro scale, and is an excellent item to give to a lady spectator!

Delivered complete with Bob's orginal presentation, instructions and a set of beads to practice with. You can learn this in less than 10 minutes! Once you've learned the method, you can make one for a spectator in less than a minute.

You can buy the beads at most any craft store or we can supply beads, for the busy performer who doesn't want to cut their own. Pearl Poodle Re-Fill Sets are found else where on this site. Bags of 36 pre-cut pieces the proper length & size.

Bonus Tip: If you want an extra cute addition to this great Give-away Poodle. Check out "The Baby Bag Book" described else where on this site. When our owner Eddy Wade, use to perform his magic in restaurants, he would make these little poodles instead of the traditional balloon animals, as the balloons pop and other performers in his town were doing that. After making a Pearl Poodle, he would exclaim to the spectator "You Need a Doogie Bag for that Poodle to be in here" at which point he would bring out "The Baby Bag" (which in itself is a great little Give-away as well) But what made the extra Little Bag so special was that Eddy had rubber stamped his Phone # on the side of the bag, thus giving the spectator a way to locate him in the future for possible private parties and events. A True Marketing Gem! Of course today, you could put your website, social media address, logo, sponsor's name or other info. on the little bag.

Magic Methods owns the copyright and exclusive publishing rights, along with distribution of this little Pearl Poodle gem and The Baby Bag book having purchased the "Complete Rights" from the original creators.  Infringers Beware we have succeeded in protecting our intellectual properties.

SKILL LEVEL-Basic, suitable for ages 7 years and up!

Media Type Shipped Product

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