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Napkins Book By Caroline Hofman

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  • Napkin Folding Techniques!
  • Great for Banquet & Restaurant Workers to learn!

Napkins Book

Little Tricks that Make a Big Impression

By Caroline Hofman

Napkins lend atmosphere to the table and turn ordinary decorations into perfect arrangements. With more than 40 different designs for special occasions or everyday use, whether folded into classic pointed hats, bound up with menus, or fastened in flower napkin rings, you'll learn how to add the perfect touch. learn the tips so you can impress your guests and create napkins with style!

For magicians or any entertainer for that matter, this is a great extra skill to lear, especially if you give-away Napkin Roses or do Balloon Sculptors. This is just another tool in your skill box to impress event planners, party bookers and high-end clients! Imagine the next time you're book for a high paying Birthday or wedding gig and you demostrate how to fold a fancy napkin for their event to add and extra flair to the table.  When booking corporate banquet events, where my event company (Event Magic, see us on Facebook) is also providing the Magically Themed Table Centerpieces, I often use a special napkin fold to add a touch of class.

It's also something once you learn a few you can teach in a magic workshop as there are many silk folds that use similar techniques for folding.

Details: Napkins

63 Full-color Pages, softcover, perfect bound, size 6 1/2" by 8".

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