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Jerry Mentzer's Special Lecture Close Up Notes

  • Lecture Notes from Mr. Mentzer's Tour
  • Contains Many Very Good Close-up Effects
  • Skill Level: Medium

A Cavalcade of Magic

Special Lecture Close Up Notes

By Jerry Mentzer

We have a very few copies of Jerry Mentzer's Lecture from his 1997 tour. As with all of Jerry's writings, he explains the routines in a way that You need not have attended his lecture to understand the notes. Just take a look at the listed contents below and you'll probably find something of interest. Every item in this set of notes is mostly geared toward close-up presentations

Many of the items included have not been published in his other books. However several of the effects were released as separate products with the needed props.

Jerry also presented & offered a set of notes on his Stage & Club Items as well, see those Notes elsewhere on this website.

Special Note: While the Notes explain the routine and in many cases how to make the props as well, we have many of the items listed are already manufactured for this of you that don't want to take the time. Just search the title on this site to find if the item is available.

Contents Include

Elimination Prediction: self-working cards

Pairs: nearly self-working cards
Four-Way Coincidence: self-working cards
Boden's Wild Card Routine
Mentzer's Final Ace Handling
Nine Way Variant: based on Kane's Variant
Magnetic Matrix: gimmicked coin effect
Move a Card: self-working card
Undercover Inflation: penny grows in size
Dollar and Penny: silver dollar and penny Transpo, with growing penny
No Deck: handling of Omni Deck
An Easy Ambitious Card Routine
Easy Shell Game: using plastic cubes and ball bearings
Torn and Restored - a Versatile Idea: idea for torn and restored effects

These illustrated lecture notes provide detailed outlines of all the effects Mr. Mentzer presented during this lecture tour, which are likely sufficient for most magicians, but not for a beginner in magic.

Details: Special Lecture Close Up Notes
©1994 Jerry Mentzer
15 pages, softcover, stapled manuscript, size 8 1/2" by 11".

Tags Close-up Lecture Notes, Jerry Mentzer
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