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Celeste Evans I Can Still See Me - SoftCover Edition

  • Read About The Adventures of The Beauty of Magic!
  • A Fun Historical Read!
  • Woman Can Do Magic!

Celeste Evans

I Can Still See Me

The Celeste Evans Autobiography

Perfect Bound SoftCover Edition

The Beauty of Magic - From humble beginnings in White Rock, Britch Columbia, Celeste Evans overcame self-doubt and discouragement from friends and family to become one of the most admired magicians of the twentieth century. She was the first female magician to use doves extensively in her act and traveled more miles as a magician and entertained more military personnel than any other woman in the history of magic.

Including 13 Color Photographs & 69 black & white photographs

In this autobiography, Celeste Evans shares never-before-told stories of performing with other celebrities, and before kings, queens, and heads of state throughout the world. She was also featured on national television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show and Barbara Waters' Not For Womaen Only, and To Tell the Truth, where she stumped the panel and proved who she was by escaping from a straitjacket in nine seconds. Celeste has performed in top venures throughout the world, including The Palace in New York City. Come follow a young, dreamy-eyed Canadian on her whirlwind magical tour of the world, setting the standard for all woman magicians who follow, as she developed into the "Beauty of Magic".

“Magic is a hard life, but there’s nothing else like it,” she says, smiling. “It can show you the world.”-Celeste Evans


Just a few of the of the names mentioned in Mrs. Evans book are the likes of Carl Ballantine, Milton Berle, Richard Burton, Harry Blackstone, Melbourne Christopher, Rodney Dangerfield, John Calvert, David Copperfield, Doug Henning, Karrell Fox, Rich Dunn, Channing Pollock, Liberace, Sid Lorraine, Bob Lewis, Buddy Rich, Lou Tannen, Elizabeth Taylor, Slydini,  Rudy Valee, Barbara Water’s, Paul Winchell, and Henny Youngman.



Contents Include: Listed by chapter headings

  • Forward by Walter “Zaney” Blaney
  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • New Year’s Eve 1931
  • The Glade - An Unexplainable Occurrence
  • Pipe Dreams
  • The Quite Man
  • If It Wasn’t for Ruthie
  • Girls can’t Do magic
  • The Loft of Dreams
  • Sleight-of-Hand training
  • Raring To Go
  • Hello Show Biz, Welcome Starvation
  • The Lure of the Orient
  • North to Alaska
  • High ballet Revue
  • Going Country
  • Call for TV Appearance
  • The Big Apple is Calling
  • Pin-Up Meet Magic…Sinsational
  • The Birds Come into Existence
  • Watch Out Europe, Here I came
  • Thule AFB, Greenland
  • Keflavikurglug
  • A Night of the Unbelievable
  • Gaza Strip
  • Jolly Old England, As They Say
  • My Viking Ship Awaits
  • The China Theatre, Stockholm
  • On To Beautify Spain
  • New Jersey Shores and Liberace
  • Sex Kittens
  • How’s Revolution Strike You?
  • John F. Kennedy’s Cultural Exchange Tour
  • On To Bombay and New Delhi
  • Our Debut—Afghanistan
  • The Land of the Sherpas and Mt. Everest
  • Thailand Can’t Wait to See Us
  • On to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Vientiane, Laos Welcomes Us
  • On to Indonesia
  • Malaysia Awaits
  • Sling Me to Singapore
  • Hong Kong Wants My Money!
  • Like It or Not, Vietnam is on the Tour
  • Back to India
  • Iran—The Last of the Tour
  • That Huge Airplane Has My Name on It
  • Back to the Old Grind, Booked Out of New York
  • Giving Back
  • Driving the Wild Blue Yonder—Stateside
  • The Playboy Club—Chicago
  • I Can See the Lights of Las Vegas
  • Back to the Old Stomping Grounds
  • Chicago Really Swings
  • December Wedding
  • Start the Mirage off right
  • Oh, not to be a Magician
  • Retiring the Suitcase
  • Babies, Trophy and Television
  • Realizing All that I Missed
  • Fairs, carnivals and Rodeos
  • This Little Piggy
  • Taking Over the Reins
  • It’s a Small World
  • Celebrities with whom I Shared the Spotlight
  • I Can still see Me
  • Index


Details: I Can Still See Me  by Celeste Evans

189 pages, soft covers, perfect binding, size 9" by 6".

With 13 Color Photographs and 69 black & white photographs.


Please NOTE:  Be advised that this book is "Out of Print" other than the copies currently available from us and Ms. Evans family. The books are in fine readable condition, however as a customer has pointed out to us, the All Black Cover of the books shows and slight imperfections, finger smudges, etc. and some copies have slight creases at the corners were the books were packed in cardboard boxes. So, we have separated the ones we believe magic book collectors would not be happy with and are discounting the ones we feel have too many of these imperfections. Contact us if you'd like a discounted one that is displayed  in our retail shop. 



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