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Has This Ever Happened to You? By Celeste Evans

  • Great Advice from the Pro's!
  • Over 80 Pro Maghician's Share What Went Wrong!

Has This Ever Happened to You?

A Collection of Magicians' Faux Pas

Complied by Mrs. Celeste Evans

Magician Mrs. Celeste Evans compiles horror stories of magic gone wrong from over a hundred famous and not-so-famous pros, including Bev Bergeron, Lee Grabel, Ray Goulet, Carl Ballantine, John Calvert, Marshall Brodien, Kendrick "Ice" McDonald, Julie Eng, Tony Dunn, Steve Daly, John Booth, Ross Johnson, Dan Stapleton, Peter Heitz, Johnny Thompson, Fantaso, Kevin James, Jack Kodell, Marvin Roy & Carol, Dan Garrett, Jay Leslie, Ali Bongo, Beccy Blaney, Arian Black, Jim Sommers, Michael Trixx, Jeff McBride, Murray Hatfield,  and many more. Includes a brief "Tips from the Pros" section that's really worth a look.

What They're saying.... Reviews....

The magic world needs to lighten up and enjoy the mistakes of the past. Celeste Evans has gathered stpries from the professional world. This book is a tell-all of "How I recovered..or not," as the show falls apart. read, laugh, and learn something so you won't make the same mistakes. --Bev Bergeron

You may never do the perfect show, but the experiences of the miscues and mistakes of the performers as reported in this book, will make you a better performer who then can adapt to all situations. --Richard Hughes

Even the pros run into trouble on stage. Magicians admit they are not perfect. Read about them in celeste evans' ne book, "Has This Ever Happened to You?" --Dicky Dean

Contents include stories by these magicians;

  • Introduction by Celeste Evans
  • Forward by John Calvert
  • Ray Goulet
  • Bev Bergeron 
  • John Calvert
  • John Booth
  • Lee Grabel
  • Howie Dust
  • Julie Eng
  • Steve Daly
  • Tony Dunn
  • Dan Stapleton
  • Ross Johnson
  • Jeff McBride
  • Peter Heitz
  • Freddy Fredricks
  • Shari Nelson
  • Dale Nieman
  • Wendell Wilkens
  • Ramon Galindo
  • Tom Tremont
  • Pam & Johnny Thompson
  • Fantasio
  • Carl Ballantine
  • Harry Wise
  • Chris Ostrowski
  • Richard Hughes
  • Kevin James
  • Rick Allen
  • Mental V
  • Tony Eng
  • Luciano DePazos
  • Velvet Mandrake
  • Jack Kodell
  • Cherie Kay
  • Jack Bateman
  • Rudy Hayden
  • Geoffrey Hansen
  • Marvin Roy & Carol
  • Jay Leslie
  • Dan Garrett
  • Joan Dukore
  • Charlie Fenn
  • Gary Darwin
  • Jim Pequita
  • Ali Bongo
  • Dick Joiner
  • Joe Staruch
  • Becky Blaney
  • Arian Black
  • Ken Mate
  • Walter Blaney
  • Taylor Martin
  • Carl Bertolino
  • Andy Dallas
  • Dick Dean
  • Dick Laneau
  • Ronald L. Ulmer
  • Bob Klase
  • Lance Laska
  • Jim Sommers
  • Steve Beliveau
  • William Rauscher
  • Michael Trixx
  • Marshall Brodien
  • Murray Hatfield
  • Mark Hlava
  • Bill Siros
  • Bill Siros
  • Terry Richison
  • Daniel Herron
  • Evanna Evas Brening
  • Anthony Darkstone
  • Kendrick “ice” McDonald
  • Amazing Armando
  • Thomas Dietz
  • Al Wong
  • Terry Harris
  • Will Golden
  • Chuck Smith
  • Windy & Sunny Douton
  • Maria Ibanez
  • Kerry Pierce
  • Advice from the pros
  • Index

Details: Has This Ever Happened to You?

127 pages, soft covers, size 8 1/2" by 11".

Includes Over 80 photographs.

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