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Harry Blackstone, Jr. Broadway Show Window Card

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Harry Blackstone, Jr. - Broadway Show Window Card

Blackstone - "The Magnificent Musical Magic Show"

Full color window card for Blackstone, Jr. This poster/ window card was used to promote Harry's Broadway theatre run at the Majestic Theatre, 44th St. in New York. 

The full color iconic image depicts all the classic illusions Harry Blackstone was know for: The Floating Light Bulb, The Appearing Elephant, The Buzz Saw, Lady To Tiger, etc. This window card will look marvelous framed and hanging in your magic den.


  • Approximate date produced: 1985.
  • Size: 14-inches by 23-inches. 
  • Condition: Excellent.

​Will be shipped flat between two pieces of sturdy cardboard. Free shipping is not available for the this item. You will be charged an additional handling fee, beyond the standard shipping fee, for the extra packaging this item incurs at checkout.

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