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Downs Palm Technique by Horace Bennett

  • Method of concealing a palmed coin.

Downs Palm Technique

by Horace Bennett

The "Downs Palm" method of concealing a palmed coin has long been recognized as a very valuable method of concealment by top notch coin workers. in this saddle stitched book, Horace Bennett first discusses the "Downs Palm" then provides a couple of good routines in which the "Downs Palm" plays a part. The routines do not depend entirely upon the "Downs Palm" and as in most Bennett routines, various other moves are also employed. Thus the book should be of interest tp most coin magicians. The routines "Silver Half" and "Expansion of Texture" will be of interest  to any serious student of close up magic.


  • Introduction By Bennett
  • Downs Palm Technique
  • Coin Interlude
  • Silver Half
  • Expansion of Texture


Details: Downs Palm Technique by Horace Bennett

©1981 Jerry Mentzer

17 typeset Pages, Softcover, saddle-stitched, Size: 5 ½ by 8 ½ inch


A Magic Methods Exclusive Publication 

Skill Level- Advanced

Tags Coin Technique, Bennett
Media Type Shipped Product

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