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Casino Force Deck / A Casinos

  • Very Limited Supply!
  • Made From Actual Used Casino Decks!

Casino Force Deck - "A"

Specifically for use with Larry Becker's Casino Royal, Bill Abbott's No Brainer, or other routines where you need to force a casino location.

Basic Effect: Your prediction is in full view at the start of the presentation. A deck of cards is spread to show the audience 52 different values. A spectator is given the choice of one card from aa face-up spread of the cards. This card is placed in the spectator's pocket and is identified as their "destination" card. The spectator is then given the deck of cards and deals cards from back to front stopping at two different points in the deck as you instruct them. As the spectator deals the cards, he realizes each card has a different back from a different casino. Backs of cards are spread to show all the different choices. Your prediction is revealed to have named the casino (destination card) and the total of the "Blackjack" hand they just dealt.

What you receive is essentially a forcing deck that will force two different things. The first force is an actual real Casino name, the second is a Blackjack hand of 20. This Deck was created to be used in conjunction with Larry Becker's Casino Royale Routine, a multi-phase prediction or influence piece involving a casino, a Blackjack hand, and a wager. Likewise, it can be used in other routines; like Bill Abbott's No Brainer which is a confabulation routine involving forces and "real-time" information. If you are using an imaginary casino as a scenario in No Brainer, for example, this deck can provide you with two excellent forces for the casino and a Blackjack hand and the "real-time" Information can be the amount of the bet, the day or time the bet was made, etc. The deck makes real sense in this context and gets away from other forcing devices.

The deck is comprised of 52 cards with all 52 values represented. The premise for your audience is that the deck is made up of 52 different decks from 52 different casinos so there are 52 unique values on the fronts as well as the backs, however, that's not quite true.

To recreate this deck from scratch would cost you hundreds of dollars to buy the number of decks needed plus the time required to assemble them!

Please Note These Details about the Decks: These decks were assembled from Actual Cards Used in play from various casinos. This means several things occurred,

1-The cards are not all exactly the same as far as length and width, which also helps with the presentation in that the spectators can see that what you have told them about collecting these from Many different casinos is true. There are many back colors and designs.

2) We wouldn't be allowed to print this deck with all the different actual casino Logos, back designs, etc. because of copyright laws without a lot of extra costs & trouble to get permissions and such thus increasing the cost of each deck.

3) Each deck we sell is different, in that we don't have multiples to force the same casino. Also, note that some of the casino cards represented in each deck will by now be defunct. Most all the casinos represented are in Las Vegas, but no all and it will depend on the deck you receive.

Even though the cards are Used they are in great condition as most casinos only use a deck for 4 hours in actual play. In addition, if you're using the deck for the routines it was created for, then the deck should last you many years to come.

We supply instructions on how to use this deck with your purchase but we do not include info on the Becker or Abbott routines mentioned. If you're not familiar with these and they interest you we can provide sources.

NOTE: We now offer these decks in Two Types. "A" Decks are of the Better-known Casino properties and consist of one of the following Casinos:  

  • Ballys
  • Bellagio
  • Flamingo Hilton
  • Golden Nugget
  • Hard Rock
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Monte Carlo
  • Palms
  • Paris
  • Rio
  • Riviera
  • Sahara
  • Tropicana
  • Luxor

You may ask for a specific deck from this list, in the comments section at check out, please state your First & Second choices, if neither deck is no longer available we will contact you.

"B" Decks are listed under a separate listing and consist of lesser-known casino venues and come with a small discount because of this.

Skill Level: Advanced

Media Type Shipped Product

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