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Casino Svengali Deck

  • Actual Used Casino Deck!
  • Turned Into A Svengali Deck!
  • Used - But in Good Condition!

Casino Svengali Deck

Think of the fun showing your friends this trick with an, authentic deck of cards from a Real Casino.

​Weve acquired some decks of playing cards that have been used in actual play in a real Las Vegas casino. Once these cards are used for approximately four hours, they are taken off the casino floor and  destroyed or sold as souvenirs. We have made Svengali Decks from these used decks. Most of the decks are Bee back design in Poker size. The current Casino logo available is Harrah's™, Reno and Lake Tahoe, which is on the back of each deck.

We have Red and Blue Backed decks available. Each deck comes with a printed instruction sheet explaining how to use a Svengali Deck. The illustrated instructions include TEN Tricks with the deck.

Note: Even though these decks have been used in actual casino play they are in fine shape. Most casinos don't use a deck long enough for them to wear out or get bent up. So these cards while "broken in" will still be useable for quite awhile. You might need to replace the box. These cards have Not been drilled or "Corner Shorted" as most used casino decks are before being sold as souvenirs. 


  • Bee Back Design, Poker Size!
  • Diamond back Club Special No92
  • Svengali Force card will vary with each deck ordered.
  • Printed by the US Playing Card Company in Cincinnati, Ohio!
  • Used in Actual  Play  on a "21" table at a Harrah's™  Casino!

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 18 and older.

Media Type Shipped Product

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