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The Gambling Magician


The Gambling Magician

By B.W. McCarron "Mercurio"

"Within the pages of this volume, the reader will find many effects which may easily be incorporated into a program of exposes, or as part of a manipulative act." -from the introduction of the book

Here is a neat little book that's ideal for magicians who want to introduce a card gambling theme into their act. The first section of the book includes card routines that require no skill, yet the audience will attribute the performer with great sleight of hand knowledge. The second section consists of the actual card sharp ploys. These may be applied to numerous card effects or used as a basis to show how some gamblers cheat!

Contents Include:

Section I Card Shark Routine
8 How the Dealer Always Wins
9 How the Dealer Uses Assistants
10 - A Valuable Tip
12 Plain Sight Cheating
14 - Another Valuable Tip
15 The Cut for Deal
17 Apparent Marking of a Deck Instantaneously
19 Plain Sight Palming
21 - Bonus Cards to Box of Mini Cards
22 Miraculous Deck Switch (?)
24 A Blindfolded Poker Deal
25 Spectator's Choice Poker Deal
26 Another Wild Poker Deal
27 A Lightning Fast, Indetectable Second Deal
28 Feeling a Card - with a Borrowed Deck
29 Invisible Daub
31 - Bonus - Mercurio's Deck Set-up
32 Another Poker Deal
34 - A Useful Ruse
34 A Poker Deal That Deals Itself
37 Shuffling the Cards Up One's Sleeves
38 Cutting the Aces to the Top of the Deck
39 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
40 Dead Man's Hand
41 Still Another Second Deal
42 - Uses for the Glide

43 Section II Card Shark Methods
44 Part One - Ruses
44 The Deck Switch
44 The Raise
45 The Bluff
45 The Turnover
46 The Extra Card
47 The Switch
48 The Short Card
48 The Crimp
48 The Loss
49 The Fake
49 Additional Ruses

51 Part Two: Devices and Gimmicks
51 The Mirror Ring
53 The Hand Shiner
53 The Bill Mirror
54 The Matchbox Shiner
54 The Detachable Concealer
54 - Holdout Ruses and Uses
57 The Holdout
58 The Slippery Shoe
59 The Shoe Holdout

60 In Conclusion
62 Appendix
62 Rank of Hands in Straight Poker
63 Constructing Cards as Used on Page 12
65 The Cardman's Suitcase
66 Actual Marked Cards
73 Quick-Use Glossary

Details: The Gambling Magician

80 pages, Softcover, saddle-stitched. Size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"



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