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Escape Rings by The Tricks Company

  • This May Be A Collectible?
  • A Classic Effect!
  • Easy To Do!

Escape Rings

Manufactured by the TRICKS Company LTD of Japan

BASIC EFFECT: Two solid rings are tied on a rope, and right before your eyes they magically fall loose.

Supplied complete with illustrated instructions. two plastic approx. 4-inch size rings, string, and metal rod.

Please Note: These have been sitting in a warehouse for many years and at this point would be considered "Vintage" as the packging seems a little worn. While the parts incouded are still useable it's just the package that's dusty.

This product was manufactured by the TRICKS Company LTD of Japan as part of their "Pocket Magic Series" the company has long been out of business and this could well be a collectible item for some magicians. The package text is in two languages Japanese and English.

Skill level: Beginner, suitable for ages 7 and up.

Please Note: While the props in the plastic bag are in excellent condition the packaging is old and dusty from years of warehouse storage. These have long been unavailable since the Tricks Co. went out of business.

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