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21st Century Shell Game

  • An Unusual Version of The 3 Shell Game!
  • Easy To Do!

21st Century Shell Game

Routined by Jerry Mentzer

This simplified version of the three shell game uses somewhat unconventional "shells" and a stell ball instead of the customary "pea". It is easy to do and at the finish of the routine, "peas" can be found under each of the three "shells".

Three plastic cubes are used as shells. each of these has a hole drilled in the bottom and any one of the cubes can be used to cover the small stell ball used as the "pea". When the plastic cubes are moved around a bit, the spectators simply cannot guess which cube covers the pea! And it's under your control at all times!

The effect is based on an effect that we have marketed for a number of years called "At Your Command". (Found elsewhere on this site).

To do the 21st Century Shell Game, we supply you with three of the cubes and steel balls used in "At Your Command". With these, you can do one of the easiest three shell games possible. No magnets or other items concealed in your hand. With illustrated instructions for the 21st Century Shell Game routine.

Extra Presentation Note: A production of a bunch of Extra Balls makes an effective finish for the 21st Century Shell Game. We have extras in packages that contain approximately 50 balls for use as a climax. The instructions for this extra Finale ending are already included in the instructions you'll receive with the 21st Century Shell Game. See below or check under the Accessories category to add these to your order.

This idea was included in Jerry Mentzer's Book "Close-Up File" published in 1994.

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