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All About Linking Rings By Father Bandy

  • Everything You Need To Know About Linking Rings!

All About Linking Rings

By Rev. Albert R. Bandy

This booklet covers everything you need to know about Linking Rings, Moves, false counts, patter, suggestions, and complete routines with both 6 and 8 rings.

Contents Include:


SECTION 1. Arranging the Rings

SECTION 2. False Counts

  • Simple False Count
  • Basic False Count
  • Odin False Count

SECTION 3. Holding the Key Ring

  • With the Gap Under the Foreigner
  • With the Gap at the Base of the Little Finger
  • With the Gap at the Base of the Second and Third Fingers

SECTION 4. To Link the Key and a Single

  •  Rub Key Onto Single
  • Twist Single Onto Key
  • Twist Key Onto Single
  •  Strike Key Onto Single
  • Hook Key Onto Single
  • Take Single From Arm and Link Onto Key
  • Take Key From Arm and Link Onto Single
  • Quietly Link Single to Key
  •  Let Single Fall From Arm Onto Key

SECTION 5. To Unlink the Key and the Single

  • Rub Single From Key
  •  Twist Single From Key in Right Hand
  • Twist Single From Key in Left Hand
  • Take Single From Key and Pla.ce on Arm
  • Take Key From Single and Place on Arm
  •  Pull Single Off Key

SECTION 6. To Link Key to a Set

  • Link Key to Set From the Bottom Up
  •  Link Key to Set From Top Down
  • Work Key Onto Set
  •  Work Key From Arm Onto Set
  • Join Set-of-Three to Chain of Three

SECTION 7. To Remove the Key from the Set

  • Unlink Key From Set From Top Down
  •  Unlink Key From Set From Bottom Up
  • Separate the Chain of Six

SECTION 8. Simulated Linking

  • Simulated Twist On
  • Simulated Strike On
  •  Toss Link

 SECTION 9. Patterns

  • Cloverleaf
  • Olympic Rings
  •  Garden Swing
  • Globe
  • Opening Flower
  •  Double-Linked Chain
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • The letter Y
  • The Letter H
  •  Stirrup
  • Jumping Ring

SECTION 10. Special Moves

  • Chain-of-Six (For Six-Ring Routines)
  • Apparently Unlink Key and Show Ring Solid
  • Unlink Five Rings Individually From Key
  •  Link All Eight Rings

SECTION 11. Flourishes3

  • Spin Right and Left
  • 3Sound the Rings

SECTION 12. Routines

  •  A TV Routine With Six Rings
  • Another TV Routine With Six Rings
  • A Platform Routine With Eight Rings
  • A Platform Routine With Six Rings
  • Another Platform Routine With Six Rings

SECTION 13. Patter Suggestions

  • List of Illustrations

Details: All About Linking Rings

64 pages, saddle-stitched, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

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