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Card to Wallet - The Book by Jerry Mentzer

  • An excellent resource with over 100 items about working with the Card To Wallet effect
  • Hard bound, 166 Pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches.
  • SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Card to Wallet - The Book by Jerry Mentzer

NOTE: This title is currently out of print. A re-print is being planned, no release date yet.  Send us an email to be put on the notification list.

Magic by over 40 magicians! -Over 100 items! -166 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Hardbound.

 The “Card to Wallet” effect is one of the strongest possible effects with cards. Properly performed, it is incomprehensible to spectators. The trick has been featured by famous magical entertainers and technicians alike. Card to Wallet-The Book is devoted exclusively to this classic magic effect! Highly acclaimed by magic experts!

If you plan to buy a wallet, this book is an excellent source of information to inform and aid you in your decision. If you already own one or more wallets, you will find this book a treasure trove of fresh ideas and methods for the trick!


illustrations by Richard Bartram, Jr. & David Harkey
Hardcover, 166 pages, copyright 1991

Contents Include: 

Introduction: about the Card to Wallet

Ungimmicked Wallets

  • Wallet Wallop (Hen Fetsch): Selected card vanishes from deck to appear in a small vinyl wallet.  This is repeated!
  • U-No (Hen Fetsch): As above, using only a single vinyl wallet
  • Sleight of Hand Method (Jerry Mentzer): Card to wallet using a normal bi-fold wallet and sleight of hand
  • Banded: Card to the wallet, but the wallet is wrapped with a rubber band
  • Bandit Card to Wallet (Richard Bartram): additional ideas on improving the Banded Wallet effect
  • Not Banded: a simple explanation of the hip-pocket load
  • Knees Up (Dan Tong): Performed seated. Selection is turned face down in face-up deck. The wallet is removed, and the selection has vanished from the deck, to be found in the wallet. With alternate handlings
  • Double Wallop (Dan Tong): Two different cards travel to an ungimmicked wallet one after another
  • Endless Combinations: discussion of overlap of methods and trying to fit them to chapters
  • Howie's Handling (Howie Schwarzman): Howie's method for using a certain type of bi-fold wallet
  • Barry Stevenson's Card In Wallet (reprinted from Harry Lorayne's Tarbell Course In Magic Vol 7): Using a pocket secretary type wallet that can be examined before the card appears. No palm method, but the card is not signed.
  • Giant Card to Wallet (Roy Walton, originally in Nov 1980 Linking Ring): Comedy routine. Clever loading using a Jumbo card
  • The French Moroccan Card to Wallet (Father Cyprian, from April 1975 Pallbearers Review): smooth, no-palm handling of the card to wallet using a two-compartment non-gimmicked wallet
  •  E-Z Plus Signed Card to Wallet (Charles E. Penton): Uses a pocket secretary wallet with a note pad bound at the side, not the top. Teaches the Fan Top Change.
  •  "X" Card to Wallet (Karl Fulves): A card with an X on it is shown in a wallet. A card is selected by the spectator, and when the wallet is removed, the X card has changed to the selection
  • The E.C. Card In Wallet (Karrell Fox, from For My Next Trick): Easy Commercial card to banded wallet. Card (non-signed) is torn and found in a banded wallet in the zippered compartment, except for missing piece. 
  • The No-Gimmick No-Palm Card to Wallet With a Double Climax (Larry West, from July 1986 Linking Ring): Card is signed and lost in the deck. A second spectator cut to a card, and it is placed in the wallet. Magician bets $20. A wallet is removed and the card is shown, but it is not the signed card. $20 bill is turned over, and written on it is "Cut card will be 5 of Hearts, signed card is in wallet". Cut card prediction matches, and signed card is found between the bills in the wallet.

Miscellaneous And Theory

  • Introduction - Miscellany: About skill, About timing, Gimmicked vs. Ungimmicked Wallets, Signed Card, Card Visible When Wallet is Opened, Use of Duplicate Cards
  • The Lapel Ruse: no-palm method of loading described
  • The Better Pocke (John Cornelius): a custom jacket pocket
  • Timing Misdirection: spectator must think the card is still present when the wallet is loaded; with an idea by Phil Willmarth
  • References: list of references for card sleights used in the book

Special Wallets

  • Berg's Super Wallet (Joe Berg): description; credit to The Berg Book.
  • Description of Berg's Super Wallet - described by Eric Lewis: gimmicks explained
  • Effects with Berg's Super Wallet (described by Eric Lewis): four effects using the unique features of the Berg Wallet
  • Berg Addition (Jerry Mentzer): alternate handling of the Berg gimmicks
  • Card to Wallet - Himber Note Pad (Dan Tong): Uses a Himber wallet and duplicate
  • Signed Card to Wallet (Jules Fogel, Jr., from March 1988 Linking Ring): combines Himber wallet with Mullica Wallet loading moves
  • Billy McComb's Routine for Roy Roth's Fastest Wallet in the West (of Wales): routine for RAR Magic's Fastest Wallet in the West
  • Sho-Gun Wallet (Elbert L. Garner): as marketed by Al Cohen. a specialized Himber wallet
  • Bob King's Routine for The Answer Wallet (Bob King): Card to Wallet routine for Himber Z-Fold wallet with passthrough
  • Bob Gunther's Repeat Card to Wallet (fr. Harry Lorayne's Tarbell Course In Magic Vol 7): uses specially prepared pocket secretary type wallet
  • The "M" Wallet (Paul Brignal): marketed by Martin Breese Ltd. of England. Uses a specially "m" gimmicked wallet. 2 effects described
  • Out of Sight Card Wallet (Bob Downey): Feature of this wallet might be found in some standard wallets
  • It's The Reel Thing (Ben Martin): method of using the Downey Wallet stand up and surrounded
  • Thunder and Lightning (David Harkey, from Simply Harkey): a clever torn card and wallet routine for any Card to Wallet wallet
  • Reminiscence (David Harkey): another unique card to wallet effect from the imaginative mind of David Harkey
  • Stealth Mercury Fold (David Harkey): for the above routine
  • E-Z Card in Wallet (Karrell Fox): uses a Card Index wallet

Le Paul Wallet

  • Introductory Comments Le Paul Wallet: card to a sealed envelope in the zippered compartment of the wallet
  • Highlights in the Development of the Le Paul Wallet: Dick Washington, Harry Stanley, Roy Roth, and Larry Jennings
  • The Le Paul Wallet: detailed
  • Jennings Wallet Description
  • Seabrooke Wallet Description: wallet used in Terry's Burnt Banknote routine
  • Cards to Sealed Envelope (Paul Le Paul, from The Card Magic of Le Paul): 4 marked Aces end up in a sealed envelope. No wallet used.
  • Sneaky Card to Pocket - How Else? (Don Alan, from Pretty Sneaky): a good combo of Le Paul Wallet and Insurance Policy effects
  • Signed Card in Sealed Envelope in Sealed Wallet (Terry Seabrooke): signed card to Le Paul style wallet routine
  • Sleeve Card (Jerry Mentzer): another handling for the Le Paul wallet
  • Interchangeable Wallet: comment about Le Paul, Jennings, Seabrooke Wallets
  • Double Backed Tip: using a double-backed card
  • External Loading Guide (Jerry Mentzer): assistance in loading
  • Another Guide: using a pen or pencil
  • Card Between Stapled File Cards (U.F. Grant): card appears between stapled envelopes
  • Card Between Stapled File Cards - No Wallet: ideas for not using a wallet
  • No Palm Card to Wallet and Sealed Envelope (George LaFollette): another approach for the Le Paul type wallet
  • Another Bob King Card to Wallet Idea: ending for Lorayne's Magician vs. Gambler in Personal Secrets
  • Baxter's "Lewt" (Ian Baxter): a transposition effect. A Joker in the wallet transposes with two signed selections
  • No Palm Lewt (Ian Baxter): Simplified version of above with no palm
  • One for the Money (James Lewis, from Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus): final sequence to an Ambitious Card sequence
  • Magnet Steal (Edward Marlo): a no palm steal from the deck

The Mullica Wallet - (A Magic Methods Exclusive Product)

  • Description - Mullica Wallet - Tom Mullica sold the complete rights to Magic Methods to manufacture & Distribute his creation.
  • The Mullica Wallet (Tom Mullica): Tom's version of this classic no-palm card to wallet effect
  • Mullica Wallet Variation (Tom Mullica): Wallet is shown empty before a card is chosen, and a card is seen in the wallet as soon as it is opened.
  • Mullica Wallet - The Demo Routine (Jerry Mentzer): a palming version
  • Mullica Transposition (Richard Bartram): A transposition of one card in the wallet and one in the deck. No dupes.
  • The Dream Card Revisited (Randy Tanner): similar to Darwin Ortiz's The Dream Card. Needs a wallet wider than the Mullica
  • Signed Card In Wallet (Eugene Burger, from Secret and Mysteries for the Close Up Entertainer): a complete presentation strategy
  • Mullica Plus Prediction (David Parr): clever addition of a prediction to the selected card
  • Two for Mullica (Scotty York): Scotties take on the Mullica Wallet routine, uses a slightly modified wallet

Himber Brown & Bendix

  • Description - Himber Wallet: both strapped and Z-fold versions described, as well as passthrough feature.
  • Switching With the Himber Wallet (Richard Himber): how to perform the switch
  • Card to Wallet With the Himber Wallet: basic approaches outlined
  • The Ed Brown Wallet (Ed Brown): Himber wallet with a clear plastic window
  • Card To Wallet With the Ed Brown Wallet: a no-prep card to wallet
  • Comment by David Bendix About the Bendix Bombshell
  • Description Bendix Bombshell Wallet: a strapped Himber Wallet with a zippered section and unique passthrough feature. Thank You R.A.R. Magic: for providing routines
  • Card to Wallet (David Bendix): original instructions with a Bendix Bombshell
  • A Roy Roth Alternative (Roy Roth): idea with a duplicate card
  • Marlo Variation of Bendix Presentation (Edward Marlo): a stronger variation
  • Two Selections and a Wallet (David Solomon): Magician's attempts to locate two selections seem to fail until the very end
  • The Wallet Game (David Solomon): another good 2 card routine
  • Marlo's Wallet Combination (Edward Marlo): Begins with transposition, ends with 2 signed selections in the zippered compartment
  • Marlo's Alternate Ending (Edward Marlo): alternate ending to above
  • The Roy A. Roth Bombshell Routine (Roy Roth): a simple routine
  • The Aenigma Bombshell Routine (Bob Driebeck): magician finds the selected cards "by feel" and they end up in the wallet
  • Bendix Bombshell for Cabaret (Larry Becker): Larry's routine using two selections
  • C.B.S. Transpo (Peter Isaacs): Transposition of two signed cards in sealed envelope and wallet
  • A Better Bendix (Karrell Fox, from Abra K Fox): another good Bendix Bombshell routine
  • Bendix Bombshell Himber Wallet: a note on why the Bendix differs from the standard passthrough

Instant Reset

  • Introduction - Instant Reset: a wallet that instantly reset and allow the card to be found in a zippered compartment in the wallet
  • Card In Wallet (Ed Balducci): Balducci loader described with a routine and notes
  • The Working Performer (Fred Kaps): Fred's addition described
  • The Pocket Secret-Ary (Arthur Emerson and Larry West): commercially marketed vinyl wallet with some additional features
  • Koran's Three Cards in a Wallet (Arthur Emerson): Three cards are selected and signed. The performer selects three cards from the 15 card packet "by feel" as the selections. The 12 cards are seen not to have signatures, but neither do the other 3! The cards are found in the wallet.
  • Pocket Secret-Ary Stand Up Handling (Arthur Emerson): stand up handling for the above effect

Just In Case

  • Introduction - Just In Case: effects based on Jim Lee effect "Into the Case Magical Lee" from Mentzer's book Card Cavalcade 3.
  • 151 Into the Case "Magical Lee" (Jim Lee): Card is removed from the pack and placed in card case as a prediction. The spectator selects & signs card, and magician signs back of the card and replaces it to the deck. Prediction is removed and turns out to be the spectator's card
  • Card Rise From Wallet Magical Lee (Jerry Mentzer): as above, but card rises from the performer's wallet
  • In Case Wallet Steal: an idea
  • In Case Any Wallet (Jerry Mentzer): two more ideas for using the idea with any wallet
  • In Case Sho Gun Wallet (Jerry Mentzer): Two ideas using the credit card-sized Z-fold Himber
  • In Case Himber Wallet (Jerry Mentzer): Two ideas using any Himber wallet
  • In Case No Signature: more thoughts

 Not Quite Card to Wallet

  • Introduction - Not Quite: Cards and wallets but different themes
  • Signed Wallet to Card Case (Tom Craven): a joke effect for magicians
  • The Joker and the Wallet (Barry Govan): 4 Aces travel one at a time into a wallet
  • A Porous Wallet (William P. Miesel): similar to Joker and the Wallet, but different handling
  • Case of Identity (Steve Dusheck): uses a unique identification wallet
  • Wallet to Card (John Riggs): Wallet visibly changes into a giant replica of a chosen signed card. The actual card appears in another wallet 

This is an excellent resource on the Card to Wallet effect. Jerry Mentzer describes many of the various gimmicked wallets, available in the magic market, for this effect, as well as how to achieve the Card to Wallet using ungimmicked wallets. There are many routines and ideas provided. Highly recommended.


SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Media Type Shipped Product

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