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Card To Wallet-Wonder Wallet-Balducci

  • Fine Leather Wallet!
  • Signed Card To Wallet!
  • Ed Balducci Type!

Card To Wallet 

Balducci Type

This fine leather wallet utilizes the concept by Ed Balducci, first explained in "Hugard's Magic Monthly". Due to  its mystery, ease of working and virtually instant reset, this type of wallet has been used by many working magicians. It os now available in luxury cowhide leather with detailed instructions on several ways it can be used.

In the basic effect, a signed selected playing card vanishes from the deck and its found in the zippered compartment inside the wallet!! You can even permit the spectator to unzip the compartment and remove the card! Best of all, when you put it back into your jacket pocket, the wallet is instantly reset to perform again. The secret of the wallet is diabolical! Yet art is so Easy to use!

The wallet supplied is a pocket secretary wallet contains a notepad, an inner zippered compartment, and other leather flaps and compartments to carry money, etc. It can be used as a real, day-to-day wallet. It is made of high-quality cowhide leather, is soft to the touch and is a fine pocket secretary. Supplied are several instructions sheets for various effects plus the cowhide wallet.

Special Notes - The wallets we have were originally sold by Louis Tannen's and marketed as "Wonder Wallet. The instruction sheets were written by Father Dermot Brennan. with handling improves by Bob Elliot. We have retyped the instructions. These wallets were probably made in the 1980s but are in fine condition, never used, just stored in the Magic Methods warehouse all this time. We have very few left and it's very doubtful they will ever be made this good again.

Details: Card To Wallet - "Wonder Wallet" - Balducci Type

Size: approximately 6 3/4 Tall and 4 inches wide

Made of Fine Black Leather

Tags Card To Wallet, Wallet
Media Type Shipped Product

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