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The BKM Wallet

Only 1 left!
  • Card to Wallet for the Working Performer!
  • Reasonable Price for Quality Craftsmanship!
  • Mullica Concept Used with Permission!
  • Booklet of Routines Included.

The  B.K.M. Wallet - small size





The Card To Wallet Doesn't Get Any Better!

Use It As Your Real Wallet!

The Mullica Concept is Incorporated WITH Permission of Magic Methods!

There have been a lot of wallets sold over the years. some good, some not. The really good ones have sold for over $100. until now!

This classy leather wallet allows for the ever-popular Card-to-Wallet  effect, be it a finale for your Ambitious Card Routine, or an instantaneous  card-to-impossible location effect.

The B*K*M* Wallet is designed for performering and is made from genuine leather. It combines the best ideas and designs from Balducci, Kaps and Mullica. The B*K*M* allows you to do things you could never do before! This wallet gives you the option to  perform with a palm, without a palm, or even a card-to-sealed envelope!

A top quality product that you can use in your act for years to come. 

Complete with well written instructions, variations and handling tips for this luxuriously made wallet. Get one of these while we still have them avaible.

Details: The B*K*M* Wallet

Size: approximately 5 1/2 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

Color: Black

Fine soft Leather

This product includes the following digital media:


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