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The Mullica Signed Card To Wallet

  • - AKA Miracle Card To Wallet
  • The BEST Wallet for Restraurant Workers
  • No Palming Required!
  • Quality Leather Wallet

"The Mullica Wallet" or "Miracle Signed Card to Wallet Routine" as Tom liked to call it.

Through an exclusive deal with Tom Mullica, we can offer you the Mullica Wallet from stock. This may well be the most perfect card to wallet principle ever! While it is easy to do, it is baffling and entertaining! At any time and with a borrowed deck,the performer has a card freely selected then initialed or marked for identification. The card is returned to the pack and shuffled. Then with an empty hand, the performer removes the wallet from his pocket. A face down card is seen in the wallet. A message on the face of the card instructs the performer to look in the other wallet. A smaller wallet is then removed from the “wallet proper”. Inside this inner wallet is the chosen card!! No palming is necessary. No Forcing. And best of all, when the performer returns the wallet to his pocket,it is ready to do again!

Purchaser please note: “The Original Mullica Wallet” is the exclusive property of Magic Methods. In a written agreement with Mr. Tom Mullica in June of 1977, between Mr. Jerry Mentzer (original owner of Magic Methods) the Exclusive manufacturing & worldwide distribution rights were bestowed upon Magic Methods

Infringers beware, We will legally and vigorously protect our copyright & intellectual property to the “Tom Mullica Routine” and wallet.

Shortly before Mr. Mullica’s untimely death in 2015, he violated his long standing agreement with Magic Methods, by making a video of his performance and instructional use of the routine using another wallet. In this video he endorsed a foreign made wallet. We do NOT include this Video with our wallet.

SKILL LEVEL- Experienced/Medium. Suitable for ages 16 to adult.

A Magic Methods Exclusive 

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