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Sliding Impossible Knot by Jerry Mentzer

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  • A Fun Rope Routine!
  • Complete with Rope & Knots!

Sliding Impossible Knot

By Jerry Mentzer

A knot tied in a rope moves, jumps to another location on the rope then disappears.

The original idea behind this effect was contributed by Jerry Mentzer to the September 1960 issue of "The Linking Ring" magazine, the members only publication of The International Brotherhood of Magicians. A number of years later, someone expanded this ideate step further. Then Jerry added a couple more ideas which made the "Sliding Impossible Knot" more of a program item. It is a strong rope effect.

Basic Effect/Routine: A knot is tied in the center of a rope without the performer releasing either end. The performer then slides the knot to a position about five inches from the end of the rope. The knot is then slid to the opposite end of the rope. It is then plucked from the rope and tossed into the air. After a few seconds, the knot is placed back on the rope. The knot can be untied by the spectator if you choose. The knot is genuine. Supplied complete with the necessary rope and written instructions.

Skill Level: Basic. Suitable for ages 16 to adult.

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