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Knot A Card Trick by Creative Magic

  • Classic Cut & Restored Rope BUT with A Deck of Cards!
  • Last Few Remaining!

Brian Daniel's

Knot A Card Trick

The premise is that you will perform a classic rope trick with a deck of cards. In this case,

the famous "Cut and Restored Rope Routine."

Perform the classic Cut and Restored Rope trick with a deck of specially printed Bicycle cards!

Fun Fact from Brian Daniel, Inventor & Founder of Creative Magic; Originally, this deck was produced for a single trick, which is why Creative Magic did not release it officially. These specially printed decks were only sold to magic dealers and at the Creative Magic dealer booth at a few Magic Conventions, they displayed at. These decks were never sold on the Creative Magic website.

Note: If you check around the web and on the Creative Magic Users Facebook group, you'll find other tricks and routine presentations for this deck.

Get a trick that most magicians haven't seen and more importantly hard to find.

Once these specially printed Bicycle Brand decks are gone, they are gone forever!

Get yours while supplies last!


Tags Playing Cards, Card Trick
Media Type Shipped Product

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