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Jim Ryan Close-up Series #4 The Famous Cups & Balls Routine"

  • Jim's Famous Cups & Balls Routine
  • Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5"x11", 20 pages

Jim Ryan Close-up Sreries #4 "The Famous Cups & Balls Routine"

by Phil Willmarth

This was the routine that Jim used to close his close up performances for he found that he could not top it. Laymen scream with laughter and amazement and magicians come back time and time again trying in vain to figure it out.


Contents Include:

  • Jim Ryan's Classic Cups and Balls Routine:  Introduction
  • The Little Finger Steal
  • Slide Steal
  • Phase One - Production of Balls, Display of Cups
  • Phase Two - Two Balls Penetrate the Center Cup
  • Phase Three - A Ball Moves Around & Penetrates Upwards
  • Phase Four - In the Spectator's Hands
  • Phase Five - Too Many Balls
  • Phase Six - The Great Finale
  • Bare Bones: Routine Summary

Comments: Cover photo was taken by Tom Mullica, others by Rick Bamman. Black &White photo illustrated. Mr. Ryan used tapered cups (Ireland style cups) three sponge balls (Goshman brand will work), a carpet close-up pad, 3 load balls, and a purse frame.


Please note that the copies we have are direct from the Philip Willmarth Estate. They do show some age and the cover may show some discoloration as well as rusty staples at the binding. These are first edition copies.


Note of Interest: The Jim Ryan Close Up Series had five books: 1 - Sensational Stunners; 2 - Entertaining Card Quickies; 3 - Classic Card Routines; 4 - The Famous Cups and Balls Routine; and (not numbered) James P. Ryan Lecture Notes  on Bar Magic.


DetailsJim Ryan Close Up 4: The Famous Cups & Balls Routine

By Philip Willmarth

©1980 James P. Ryan and Philip R. Willmarth

20 pages, Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8 1/2" by 11".

The copies we have are from the Philip Willmarth Estate 
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