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Chain of Eight - AKA "Endless Chain"

  • Beaded Chain is 58' long with a Nicke finish
  • Easy To Do an excellent pocket trick
  • SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Chain of Eight

For many years magicians have asked us to release this brilliant and entertaining routine… a modern version of the famous race-course swindle… “Pricking the Garter”. Time and again, the spectator fails to choose the loop of chain which will “catch” his finger. Although completely baffling to the onlooker… it is very easy to do. 

The illustrated instructions make it easy to learn. Complete with first-class, factory made, “ball chain” apparatus. The chain is 58 inches long made in a continuous loop. Nickel finish.. Ready to work at a moment’s notice. It is the ideal pocket trick.

SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

A Magic Methods Product

Tags Chain of Eight, Endless Chain
Media Type Shipped Product

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