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Three Card Monte Book


A Treatise on The Sucker Effects of

The (3) Three Card Monte

All The Tricks of History's Biggest Con Game

By John Scarne - as told to Audley V. Walsh

This wonderful book was written in the mid-1930s when prohibition and illegal gambling affected the big cities. The Three Card Monte was played on the streets and some of the wealthiest people of the day were taken in by the technique of the card sharps. John Scarne teaches it ALL in this book.

Contents Include:

  • What a Great Magician Has to Say About Scarne (Nate Leipzig)
  • Letter: by John Scarne
  • Contents
  • Definition of Gambling Terms: such as "Berries", "Chicken Feed", "John Law", etc.
  • Forward: A.V. Walsh
  • Introduction: about Monte, grifters, and the players in a typical scam
  • Grifter's Signals: several methods described
  • Familiar Phrases in Gambling: more definitions such as "Hipe", "Shills", etc.
  • Three Card Monte: the basic routine described (traditional, non-gimmicked cards)
  • Series of Deceptive Moves: an outline
  • Bent or Crimped Corner, Grifter Method: how to use the Bent Corner sucker gag
  • The Flip: a sort of Mexican Turnover move
  • The Flip Change: follows the above
  • Moves with Flip and Flip-Change: outline using the above moves
  • Grifter's Marked Corner (Using the Flip and Flip-Change): another sucker gag
  • Scarne's Monte Slide: three cards are shown face up, each snapped with a finger and laid on the table, yet the Ace is not found
  • Scarne's Triple Climax: using a one-way back, the spectator thinks the performer has made a mistake
  • Scarne's Method of the Crimped Corner: Scarne's variation
  • Scarne's Marked Corner: one corner is marked with a pencil, yet the spectator is suckered
  • The Stamped Ace - Scarne's Method: this time, a stamp is placed on the Ace...
  • Scarne's Method of Torn Corner: even though a corner is torn off the Ace, the spectator picks the wrong card
  • Scarne's Push Over Change: another move useful in a Monte routine
  • The Mexican Turn Over card switch described
  • The Daub: how to use it
  • A Poem

Details: Three Card Monte by John Scarne 

48 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, size 5 1/2 X 8 1/2.

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