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Flash Cards Memorized Deck by Creative Magic

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  • Easy Memorized deck!
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  • No Longer Made By the Manufacturer!

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Kerry Summers' Memorized Deck

with Creative Magic's Flash Cards

Quite possibly the easiest to learn memorized deck ever!

Can you detect an order from these cards?
Kangaroo, Strawberry, Astronaut, Policeman, Ball, Dog, Rabbit, Baker..... We bet you can't and neither will your audience.

Comes with our specially designed deck of cards that makes learning all 52 cards in order a snap! Using Kerry Summers' clever system, you should be able to have these memorized in under an hour (usually more like 30 mins). Plus, you get a DVD and cheat sheet making it even easier to learn the order and some great bonus material showing you everything from handling tips to routine ideas, including a killer new version of the invisible deck using flashcards!

FAQ About FlashCards

Q: What do the backs look like?
A: White with a blue oval and ABC in red, green, and yellow


Q: Are these just for Kids?
A: Absolutely Not! although they are perfect for kids shows they are also great for religious groups that may be against poker cards, or for drunks guys that have a hard time remembering "8 of clubs." the truth is they are perfect for new storylines and fun new close up routines or even to spice up old classics. The performance on the memorized Deck DVD was on a college campus for 20-year-olds

Disguised as simple children’s alphabet cards, yet printed and cut to the high standards of the U.S. Playing Card Company, these decks are a must-have for kids show performers, mentalists, gospel magicians, or even a close-up magician looking to add some innocence and creativity to his repertoire..

Not only can you still perform all the classics with a twist (the ambitious card routine, the card on the ceiling, torn and restored cards, and so on) but utilizing the kid's alphabet cards aspect of Flash Cards opens the doors to creating new routines, new jokes, and new tricks altogether.

Flash Cards were over a year in the making to maximize the possibilities. The cards are divided into 4 "suits" with 13 cards in each category (animals, plants, things, and people) and they are color-coded. There are two of each letter and many of the objects were selected because they are objects that could easily be tied into other magic props and routines (Rabbit, Rose, King, Lemon, Umbrella, Magician...).

Again, these are printed and cut by the same company that makes Bicycle® brand cards and they come in a custom-designed box that looks like the box, the cards would come in (no mention of magic tricks anywhere).

Note: DVD and instructions are in the English language only.


These are No longer being made as Creative Magic LLC is Out of Business!


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