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Invisible Paint by Creative Magic

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Invisible Paint

by Creative Magic

The square circle with endless possibilities. Comes with a DVD packed with ideas for a phantom paint can and/or the square circle, and specially printed silks for a few of the routines.

It was in the works for over 10 years and now it finally arrive and we have One left! It is a Square Circle that is also a Phantom Tube that has been manufactured to look like a standard paint can.  Now, pulling colors out of a “tube” makes sense!

  • Kids love colors...
  • Kids love paint...
  • Kids love Invisible things...

Combine them all and you have an amazing piece of magic that, you guessed it, kids love!!!

Comes complete with the Wood and metal Box, metal Paint Can, and Three specially printed silks,  Please note, the one we have left in stock Does Not have a carry bag with it as the original ones included, nor does it have the instructional video. We will direct you to instructional info. if needed.

Please also Note: The Creative Magic company is out of business and no longer manufactures Any of their past products. We at Magic Methods were a "Portion Holder" an as such bought a part of the inventory before Creative Magic closed up for good. 

Skill level: Intermediate. Suitable for ages 17 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Only 1 left!