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Bigger Wands By Creative Magic

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Bigger Wands

By Creative Magic

As a "Creative Magic Portion Holder" meaning we bought a part of the inventory when the company stopped operations a few years ago.... we have some of their products left in stock. Once they're gone that's it..No More Ever!


Seven foam magic wands ranging in size from 6" to over 7 feet. This prop has taken the kids market by storm but it is perfect for family stage shows as well. Find out for yourself why magicians use Bigger Wands as a grand finale piece.



Bigger Wands can turn a 10 sec trick into a 5 min routine that kids and parents will remember you for. "Hey, you're the magician with the gigantic wands!" - we have heard it dozens of times!



Dimensions in bag:
30" long 10" wide

Less than 5 pounds

Dimensions fully set up:
wand 1 - 6"
wand 2 - 9"
wand 3 - 15"
wand 4 - 20"
wand 5 - 30"
wand 6 - 60" (5 feet)
wand 7 - 90" (7 and half feet)

Bigger Wands is a great prop to add to 
any magic show to make it even more fun and more exciting for the kids.
It comes with 7 foam wands that kids love, ranging in size from 6" to more than 7 feet.

The largest wand is great for photos that will, in turn,

keep people talking about your show and get you more bookings.


You can even use the wands as an upsell. We have added 

them to family shows as an upsell dozens of times for $200 or more.


Bigger Wands is easy to assemble and comes in a nice, sturdy duffle bag.
It also comes with a color booklet explaining everything you need to know to
get the most out of your new foam wands.


“The best children’s show prop we have seen in years.” 

- David Goodsell - MUM magazine



“Bigger wands are great! Perfect for 

any family show.” - Ken Scott


"These wands take the ordinary and change it into the extraordinary. I hope no one else around me buys any because they are that good."
- Brian Scott

"They were AWESOME! The kids loved them, parents and teachers were snapping pictures left and right." - Jeff V 


PLUS as A SPECIAL BONUS - We will include one of the GIANT INFLATABLE WANDS TOO! This bonus wand does Not include the velvet cover, but we can tell you were to obtain one if you'd like.


Please Note: This item does not qualify for free shipping.


Skill level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 14 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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