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Boden's Wild Card Routine

  • A No Stress Card Opener!
  • Easy To Do!

How Would You Like to Have an Entertaining, Humorous, and Easy "Opener" for Your Close-Up Act?

No Stress Card Opener

Boden's Wild Card Routine

By Mike Boden

Years ago, in his book Cards and Cases Jerry Mentzer published "Mike Boden's Wild Card Routine". In Jerry Mentzer's own lecture tour he taught that routine and many magicians have found it very useful.

Many performers suffer from "butterflies" to one extent or another when they begin a performance, and if ther "butterflies" are fluttering, the last thing you need is the added pressure of neeeding to faultlessly perfom card "moves" which require skill!

This routine is an excellent piece of magical thinking which allows the performer to relax and have fun with the spectators for a few minutes before he has to do any - thing involing skill. Yet a couple good laughs are guaranteed. If used as an "opener" the routine is definitely "no stress" and allows any "butterflies" the opportunity to clam down before serious finger-flicking begins. 

The routine beghins with a "Think of Any Card" effect which turns silly, then a 'Take a Card' expertiment turns equally hilarlous. The recurring hulor makes the specattors realize that the magiucian is noit trying to embaerass them, and that the magician is not taking himself too seriously.Everyone relaxes. After relaxing with your audience and haviung some fun, you conclude the routine with a very special variation of "Wild Card" with aqll the cards turing blank! If the perormer chooses to lengthen the routine, the cards can be used for any of the many Oil and Water routines, or One-At-A-Time-Cards-Across routines the performwer may be familiar with.

The special deck plus extra cards provided makes it easy. Instructions included, of course.

Note: The card suits included will vary from the photograph on this site.

Skill Level: Intermediate Card Worker

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