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Cards And Cases

  • Tricks with Strong and Unusual Finishes!
  • Loaded with Effects usable as Openers, Closers or Feature Tricks!
  • Special items needed are easy to make up.
  • 50 Pages, Size 6” by 8 1/2”, Spiral bound,

Cards and Cases

by Jerry Mentzer

Tricks with strong and unusual finishes are of great use to all close-up magician! Well, this book is loaded with effects usable as openers, closers, or feature tricks in your close up routine. They all require either special cards or gimmicked card cases. The gaffed cards and cases are simple to make, so you’ll be able to put these great tricks to use in your act right away. Each of the tricks has the novel twist or sudden impact that will make it of immediate use. Fifteen different items are explained in detail.



Royal Flush To Bills

Boden’s Wild Card Routine

Pack Production

The Invisible Coin

Mental Divination

Pack Rises from Case

Pack Jumps from case

Another Pack Rises

The Ring In The Card Case

Holdout Case

The Incredible card into Another Pack

Initialed Card Into Another Pack

Inflation Cards


Comedy Elevator Aces


50 Pages, Size 6” by  8 1/2”, Spiral bound, Copyright 1975

28 Line drawings illustrate the text

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