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The Official Magic Wand Artwork & Usage Kit

Only 1 left!
  • Complete with All Necessary Artwork You Can Customize for Your Magic Business
  • One of the Best Money Making "Back Of Room" Souvenir Items Ever!
  • Makes a Great Goodie Bag Item for Birthday Parties!
  • Sources for Printing, Wands, Packaging and Customization are included.

The Official Magic Wand Artwork & Usage Kit

Produced by Eddy Wade

A great promotional Giveaway and BOR (Back of Room) resale item. One of our BEST SELLER’s!

Hundreds Have Been Sold To Magicians All Over The World - Get The Original!

You can sell these after-show appearances, sell to the Birthday Mom as a “Goody Bag” filler or as a stand-alone item. Use the Wand at teaching workshops & camps as it is packaged with 6 Amazing Tricks that can be perfumed with the “Official Magician’s Wand”.

Product Includes: Camera-ready flat artwork, including six easy to do tricks with a magic wand, a license agreement granting you permission to reproduce the copyrighted artwork, Detailed instructions for producing your own custom “Official Magicians Wand Kit” for giveaways, BOR selling after shows and to build repeat business, a vendor source list for everything you need to get started, pricing cost, information on where and how to sell, along with Eddy’s packaged sample and marketing usage ideas. 

It would cost you lots of time & bucks to research the tricks, have a graphic artist design the artwork to produce this on your own. Why reinvent the wheel? Get this kit and start making extra income $$ after every show you do! Audiences want to take a little piece of you home with them If you've performed and entertained them well. What's the one thing in common that most entertainment venues and entertainers have? They all sell merchandise! All major sports events, Teams, Concerts, Touring shows, Broadway plays have something with their logo, title, etc. on a piece of merchandise to sell you after the event. Why not offer your fans and clients something to remember you by too!

This Product is Part of the Eddy Wade Promotional Business Builders Series.

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

Media Type Shipped Product

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