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Eddy Wade's Magic Workshop in-A-Box – A Complete How To Course..

  • Learn How To Teach & Present a Magic Workshop to Kids
  • Complete with all the Supplies Necessary (except Water) for a Class of 25 Children
  • Where and How to Market & sell this extra income stream for the professional magician

Eddy Wade's Magic Workshop in-A-Box –

A Complete How-To Course

This Magic Workshop in-A-Box Course teaches you how to use the included props for teaching a Magic Class, Workshop or basic Camp for 30 to 90 minutes. You receive a Complete guide as well as the Props needed for a class of 25 kids. Everything is included except a bottle of water. You can make your investment back selling just One of these workshops.

Eddy Wade who created this Course, sold these Workshops as a Birthday Party option for older kids not wanting a traditional show or performance. Eddy had great success in selling these Workshops for many years as a 60 min. After School activity event. In addition, Eddy was able to sell the Workshop Package to various groups, Like Boy & Girl Scouts, Church events and with a few changes even to adult groups.

Most magicians with basic skills, already know most of the “Tricks” included and how to use the props. What is most beneficial here is the plastic props are All included, there is nothing extra to buy to use this kit. You would spend twice as much money, buying the props from a wholesaler, meeting their minimums and would end up with extras and unusable pieces. Eddy has done all the work for you of thinking out what kids can do, what’s exciting, easy to learn and simple for you to teach in a crowd of 25 kids aged 7 to 12. You just need to add your contact info. to the provided instructional artwork sheets, place on a copier and be ready to pass them out to the attendees to take home as reminders of what they’ve learned in your Magic Workshop.

In addition, Eddy explains where & how to sell this workshop/class in various markets and what to charge.

INCLUDES: Complete schedule and All the props for up to 25 kids for a 60 to 90-minute magic class/workshop. Includes “Rights” to use our copyrighted artwork you can reproduce.

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