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Eddy Wade's Booking and Performance Worksheet

  • A Way to Organize Your Gigs, so you get all the info.
  • Print and Keep a Pad near every phone
  • An E-Z Way to Teach Others Who Book You or Answer your Phone, All The Info you Need for Each Gig, Family, Agents, Friends
  • Includes Instructions & Artwork

Booking and Performance Worksheet – Instructional Use & Artwork

Based on over 25 years of experience and more than 5,000 shows. This is the world’s best form for booking, planning, tax records and follow-up reference. Every detail you need to keep track of is on this professional form. The form has ample margin for hole punching to keep in a three ring binder for reference. You save time when booking repeat business. This easy to-use form makes life easier and helps avoid errors and questions as it prompts you to get all the facts up front. Put this form to work for you today, increase your efficiency and profitability!

The Booking and Performance Worksheet is a professional tool every performer can use, even if you do all your bookings online. Because there will come a day when you need to write down all the details of a booked or quoted gig. 

This professionally designed worksheet allows you to capture all the important details of a performance as you’re talking to a client on the phone. Eddy designed this form to help lead him through a sales call. It insures he ask all the right questions to be able to quote and/or book a gig.

Make your business paperwork look professional with The Booking & Performance Worksheet. Order yours Today!

Includes: Two sample pads of the 2 sided form printed on 8 ½” by 11″ paper along with a flat artwork slicks so you can scan to your computer and print at home or take to a professional printer to print and pad copies to place by every phone you use to book gigs.
Also included is an instruction sheet explaining all the fields supplied on the form, so you’ll know the Who, Why, Where and How of each item.

Skill Level: None required.

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