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VHS - Mist Magic Visual Wizardry by Jay Scott Berry

  • This is a VHS VideoTape
  • Close-out Special.

Jay Scott Berry 


Mist Magic - Visual Wizardry

The Professional Series

Discover the amazing world of Mist Magic. As one of the pre-eminent creators in his field, Jay is in constant demand throughout the world as a lecturer and teacher of magic. He is also recognized as the undisputed master of magic with dry ice fog. Venture behind the scenes into this mysterious realm with extensive discussions on all aspects of dry ice magic.

Including Dragon Mist, Fog to Dive, Fire to Fog, Mystic Chalice, Micro mist, Fog to Rose.

In addition, Jay reveals plans to construct your own portable fog machine for under $50., secrets for coloring fog, as well as how to make Dry Ice from any CO2 tank.

This unique 90-minute video is entertaining, as well as educational, with breathtaking magic & visual effects for close-up and stage work.

Note: This is a VHS videotape if you still own a machine or have a way to convert to digital you've bought a bargain and possible collector's item.

Media Type Shipped Product

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