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Trade Shows An Inside Insight by Francis Marshall

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  • Great Overview of the Trade Show Industry!
  • If you're Considering This Venue - Read this Book!

Trade Shows - An Inside Insight

by Francis Marshall

This booklet, while some what dated, gives a great overview of the Trade Show industry for the working magician or variety entertainer.

Compiled by Francis Marshall, Trade Shows - An Inside Insight Book gives a lot of info from the working pro's of the time.. Find out if trade shows are for you! Except for Television specials, no aspect of professional magic is as rewarding as Trade Show work. The big traveling illusion shows have huge expenses, and a tendency to use up the territory. The individual Trade Show magician can go on forever, witness , as long as he keeps getting better and better, and attracts continuous important clients. We don't really suggest that every magician try to be a Trade Show performer. We do suggest that every magician owes it to himself to know as much as he can about all ways to make a living out of the magic he does. For a few dollars "Trade Shows" gives you a view of this kind of work you can get in no other way. Experts have helped to put this book together, people who know Trade Show work backwards and forwards. The information in it is a "must" if you seriously intend to approach this field. And if you haven't the slightest intention of becoming a trade show performer, you will still marvel at the inside insights of trade show work now in print. It makes great conversation material, and puts you in an advisory position with fellow magicians. Trade Show work is demanding, exciting, rewarding, reputation building, educational, inspirational, and contributory to personal growth.

Contents Include:


  • Dick Stoner at Work

  • Dear Abbey How Much Do I Charge For a Trade Show?

  • Trade Shows Now and Where They are Headed

  • Snodell on Trade Shows

  • Trade Show Scenes

  • An Inside Look at a Trade Show Survey

  • Mike Rogers on Trade Shows

  • Dick Swandby, Trade Show Expert

  • Surveys the Situation

  • Exhibit Performance Can Be Measure
  • How to Use Attention Getting Techniques
  • Review of a Trade Show Biggie
  • Comments on Trade Shows By Lorayne
  • Tom and Liza Tucker and ESP Inc.
  • Nothing Succeeds Like Success
  • Willy Wonka
  • Attracting the Crowd
  • Eddie Tullock Style
  • Del Ray and the Hospitality Suites
  • Trade Shows, a Definite Sales Tool
  • What Went Before
  • Fabulous World of Trade Shows
  • Profile of a Trade Show Entrepeneur
  • The Business Oriented Magician
  • Putting Magic Into The Trade Exhibit

Note to the "local" magician: As a performer, a magician can be called upon to put together a sales meeting, a small promotion, a local "trade show", any commercial venture in his own town. Be ready for such a call. The material in "Trade Shows" is just as valid on a small scale as it is for the big exhibitions. Study this book and be ready to speak with confidence and know how to companies who might contact you. Sixty pages, Illustrated with line drawings and graphs. Many photos. Spiral bound.

Details: Trade Shows An Inside Insight by Francis Marshall

60 pages, soft covers, spiral bound, size: 8 1/2" by 11".

Skill level: Advanced Pro. 

Media Type Shipped Product

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