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How To Sell By Magic Book

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How To Sell By Magic Book

by Frances Ireland Marshall

A guide and handbook for the new and exciting fields of commercial and industrial magic...Dozens of 'commercial' presentations and routines of magic tricks - many of them the very ones you are now using.

This manuscript was first published in 1958 as a guide and a handbook to the exciting field of industrial magic. This field has continued to prove strong over the years, and this book may be the blueprint for a brand new career for you! See what experienced performers in the past have done. You can make magic pay big dividends when it is used as: A crowd stopper in Trade Shows and Convention booths, in Super Markets, Grand Openings. To capture attention in sales and pep meetings, to put over the commercial in merchandising shows. To put color, life, excitement into any talk on any subject. To make any speaker "come alive". In commercials on TV. This book tells what to do and how to do it. 

64 pages of complete information on how to get into this work and make it pay. Dozens of commercial presentations and routines of magic tricks. Nine pages of tricks in categories for various types of business - most valuable! How one million Pixie cigarettes were sold - every detail to show you how this fantastic magic business works.

Even if you are now a millionaire, it's still fun to read!

Contents Include

  • Foreword
  • Money From Magic
  • To Whom It May Concern
  • How it Works
  • Now For the Tricks
  • The Right Trick for the Business
  • Ideas for Booth Work
  • The Voice of Experience

DetailsHow To Sell By Magic Book by Frances Ireland Marshall

64 pages, soft cover, saddle stiched, size: 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

Skill Level: Advanced

Media Type Shipped Product

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