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My Best Self-Working Card Tricks

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My Best Self-Working Card Tricks

By Karl Fulves

All magicians need a variety of card tricks for their acts, especially the spur-of-the-moment kind that can be performed without any special sleight of hand. In this outstanding new collection, an expert magician presents step-by-step, foolproof instructions for 65 of his most impressive card tricks, guaranteed to work flawlessly and to impress and delight audiences.
No special dexterity is required to master such mystifying and entertaining illusions as "Prediction Wallet," in which the card a spectator has chosen and signed turns up in the magician's wallet; "Magnetic Force," a trick that uses a "magnetized" card to find the mates to a pair of target cards; "Cupid's Hotline," in which an audience member telephones a psychic and the latter identifies the card in the former's hand; or "Suspense," which dangles a card in midair.
Each trick is clearly explained and illustrated, and many include patter and presentation suggestions. Magicians at all levels, beginner to expert, amateur to professional, will prize this collection of surefire tricks by one of the masters of card magic. 116 black-and-white illustrations.

Contents Include:

Personality Tests
1 Someone Like You
3 The Odd Couple
7 Compatibility
8 Most Wanted List

Impromptu Tricks
11 Calculated Cut
13 Sherlock's Card
15 Out on Location
17 Hidden Power
19 Eleven and One

Klondyke Shuffle
21 Turn Three Times
23 Choices
25 Likely Suspect

Interactive Poker
28 According to Hoyle
29 Cult Poker
31 Speed Stacking
33 Wild Bill's Game
35 The New Deal

Red-Black Tricks
37 Color of Thought
38 Card Roulette
40 Flip Over Mystery
42 Center Vision
45 Backwards Bet
46 Blackgammon

Marked For Mystery
49 Stop or Else!
51 Metal with Memory
53 Cutting the Aces
56 Scrambled Stud
58 Conceal and Reveal

Mind Reading
62 Voodoo Clue
63 Magnetic Force
65 Business Card ESP
68 Cupid's Hotline
70 Contemplation
73 Opposite Twins
74 Mental Mate
76 Greeks Bearing Gifts

Novelty Tricks
80 Back Stop
83 Suspense
86 Center Fold
90 Krazy Kut
92 "Seen, Not Seen"
95 Faces and Aces

The Deck Is Stacked
97 Would I Lie?
100 After Dark
102 Psi-X

 Red-Backed Blues
105 One Second Flat
108 Colors Can't Mix
111 A Volatile Card
113  Subliminal Force
116 Any Named Ace

Roll The Dice
119 Cast of Cards
120 Poker with Dice
121 Triple Find
123 The Lost Die
125 The Odds Against

 X-Ray Vision
128 Illuminator
129 Mystery Sight
131 Repeat Miraskill
134 Eyeless Vision

Card To Wallet
136 Prediction Wallet
139 Dracula's Calling Card
142 The Mystery Card
145 The Matchless Match Up
148 Rapid Transit
150 Omega Card to Wallet

Details: My Best Self-Working Card Tricks

135 ​pages, soft covers, perfect binding, size: 5 1/2' by 8 1/2".

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 10 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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