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Linking Ropes

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  • 3 Ropes In Loops Link & Unlink!

The Linking Ropes

"The Peer of All Rope Tricks"

Basic Effect: The magician ties three single lengths of rope into circles, and, magically they link together and then fall apart with his, command without tampering with the knots. Includes special rope, routines, and all you need to perform for almost any size audience. It can be performed on stage or close-up shows. Suitable for family audiences or just a group of children.

One of the greatest rope effects in magic today! Imagine working the Linking Rings effect except using three loops of rope. You can allow the spectators to tie the loops in the three pieces of rope. You then take the loops and proceed to link and unlink them in a most baffling manner. At the finish, let the spectators untie the loops if you like. This could be a feature in most any Act. Uses the same ropes over and over.

Supplied with complete instructions and the three ropes.

Skill Level: Intermediate Beginner 

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